Sataria Credentials:

Quality is a way of life at Sataria. Our credentials are impeccable. We have scored some of the highest performance ratings in the industry. Please take a moment and read more...

Sataria Technologies:

The technology behind our Warehouse Management System produces virtually a 100% accuracy rate to your inventory. Your shipments arrive as promised. Click for more information...


Part of Sataria's core values is to work to make the community a safe place as well. Please feel free to click and find out where we have helped...


SOTE′RIA (Sôtêria), i.e., the personification of safety or recovery.





Sataria comes from the name of the Greek goddess of safety "Sôtêria".  Sataria encompasses more than just a safe work environment. As you read about our three core values, you will discover the true meaning of why we do business under the Sataria banner.


Sataria Acquisitions LLC, Positioning for Growth.

Sataria Distribution and Packaging has been purchased by Creo Capital Partners, a capital investment firm based out of Los Angeles, CA. The renamed Sataria Acquisitions LLC is now part of a diverse but complementary portfolio of other Creo assets, particularly in the food, apparel and transportation industry. Creo has the determination, management team and structure to help Sataria grow rapidly into additional markets.

Sataria’s CEO, Bob Moran’s strategy is to leverage the Sataria model of service competency, quality, efficiency and safety to potential clients considering a 3rd Party Logistics provider solution to their service needs.

Helen Means, Director of Business Development, having significant operational involvement with Sataria’s current success at the Belmont Street location will spearhead Sataria’s Acquisition's rapid growth initiatives. With Helen at the helm, and Bob Moran charting the course, Sataria is on the move.